Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee is responsible for dissemination and information exchange within and outside the network. This committee supports networking by providing freely available online resources for sharing news and information, opportunities for the development of occupational science, links to other sites, management of the webpage and social media, and discussion forums.

The Social Media Committee shall:

  • Ensure that consideration of equality and diversity issues is integrated into each item of business
  • Be responsible for expanding the network and communication exchange within and beyond OSE
  • Seek to invite and engage people interested in occupational science.
  • Be responsible for developing the social media agenda for OSE.
  • Work with key stakeholders/partners and members to explore potential for expanding the network.
  • Collaboratively work with the Research and Conference Committees to broadcast their activities.
  • Provide opportunities for participation within and outside the network.
  • Manage OSE social media platforms in a timely manner: email, web, facebook, twitter and linkedin.

Currently, the Social Media Committee is formed by:

  • Silvia Veiga-Seijo
  • María Alonso-Ferreira
  • Alba García-Fariña
  • Marta Canabal López

If you are interested to become part of this committee send the Aplication Form for committeee members to

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