Current Work

Current Identified Priorities for Network Development
-Identified by participants in Pre-Conference Workshop from OSE 2019 in Amsterdam

  1. Support momentum and enable sustainability and continuity of the network
    • Continue doing pre-conferences
    • Use virtual/other modes of engagement between events (e.g. on-line meetings, virtual discussions)
    • Pinpoint/establish person or system for coordinating and connecting members
  2. Expand the network
    • Build links with different social transformation researchers/workers
    • Facilitate trans-disciplinary networks
    • Include diverse stakeholders in workshops/pre-conferences
    • Establish international relationships with accreditation agencies
  3. Enhance visibility of the network
  4. Promote development of shared conceptualization, research agenda, and approaches to occupation-based social transformation work
    • Establish council or group to support research
    • Develop/articulate values and principles
      • What is social transformation through occupation?
      • How does social transformation through occupation work?
      • How should we consider power and commitment in doing this work?
    • Identify advisory consultants for projects
    • Identify, communicate, and support examination of urgent themes (e.g. ecology, migrations, economic disparity, migration, power)
  5. Promote skill development of network participants
    • Host workshops to promote skills in:
      • Marketing and pitch development
      • Identifying resources and opportunities
      • Grant writing
      • Partnership building
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