The elections through which the executive board is constituted are held every two years.

The group is open to anyone interested in occupational science in Europe – practitioners, academics, students.

The group hosts a website to hold information links and postings that are of interest to occupational scientists and organises a conference event in Europe every 2 years.

The Executive Board works to fulfil these aims together with the membership. The board has the following officers: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer, and the chairpersons of three committees: Website/Social Media Committee, Conference Committee and Research Committee. Positions are allocated by mutual agreement between the board members.

Board membership is for 4 years with the possibility of re-election for a further 2 years. Meetings are normally held via Skype.

We actively encourage board members from all regions of Europe (North, South, East and West), that at least one member is from a discipline other than occupational therapy and that at least one member is a student.

All posts are voluntary and meetings are usually held via Skype

2017: As a novelty,  google polls were used in last elections (December 2017, information about this last elections can be found on this page.).

OSE used this system for the first time to democratize as much as possible the process. It will be used again in 2019.

2019There will be three vacant positions of the OSE board this year. The elections will be held online from 15th – 29th September (closing date for nominations 10th September). 2019 Elections Nomination form is available here.

During the OSE 2019 General Assembly (Amsterdam) the board will inform members about the nomination and voting process. This information will be also available on this website.


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