Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is responsible for the biennial conference by assisting with the tasks needed to plan, organise and run the conference. The venue of the conference is decided by the Executive Board either by inviting a potential person or university directly or by accepting a volunteer. In 2023 the OSE conference is to be hosted by the UCL University College in Odense, Denmark.

The Conference Committee:

  • Decides on the exact venue and accommodation for the conference.
  • Oversees website information to advertise the conference and decides on a conference theme.
  • Puts out a timely Call for Abstracts and selects papers appropriately.
  • Decides on the mix of papers, posters and other sessions and constructs a programme of sessions.
  • Selects and invites keynote speakers
  • Produces a Conference Programme and Book of Abstracts, made freely available after the conference.
  • Provides registration facilities.
  • Oversees the conference and programme on the days of the conference.

Currently, the Conference Committee is formed by:

If you or your institution is interested in hosting an OSE conference, please email

If you are interested to become part of this committee send the Application Form for committee members to

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