2019 Elections

The last election of Occupational Science Europe was held in 2019. The call for nomination received a total of 4 electible candidates. After an online and open voting for OSE members (email list), three new members joined the Board.

Therefore the new members of the Board are:

Georg Gappmayer

I apply for being a board member of OSE, because I want to contribute to the development of knowledge of occupational science in Europe and beyond. I am interested in supporting the community of researchers and students through creating and sustaining a network of knowledge, projects and personal contacts.

I am a social anthropologist and an occupational therapist and teach at an applied university in Austria since 2010.  I recently finished my PhD in social anthropology. My research was about creating subject-forms through everyday activities in group homes for people with learning disabilities in Austria. Through accomplishing this long-time project, I have time and energy for new challenges. I am looking forward to challenge myself contributing in the near future to the network of OSE.

Margarita Mondaca

(Nominated by Natalia Rivas Quarneti)

After serving 4 year on the OSE Board, I believe Dr. Margarita Mondaca is an excellent candidate to be one of the next OSE Board members.

Dr. Margarita Mondaca is an occupational therapist specialised in Mental Health and Human rights with 25 years of practice and educational experience in Latin-America, Sweden and other international settings.

Her interest and passion focuses on occupation(s), working with vulnerable populations experiencing marginality and the ethical demands of these diverse realities.  She has been one of the Keynote Speakers during our last OSE Conference in Amsterdam (2019) where she “[chose] to speak from my position as a hybrid scholar, formed and trained within diverse epistemologies to reflect on these issues”. This “hybrid” capacity to work in diverse and international setting positions her as a great “bridges-builder” which is essential to contribute to a strong and committed OSE network that respectfully addresses and creates spaces for diverse ways of understanding occupational science.

She is part of several research projects both nationally and internationally where she embraces democratic collaboration, negotiation and contestation in research and learning contexts. Values that align with this network and will contribute to its inclusive development. I believe her critical take on occupation based research and practice, as well as her unique way of working and experience in diverse international contexts would make Dr. Mondaca a great asset for the OSE Board.

Silvia Veiga Seijo

I studied Occupational Therapy in the University of A Coruña, Spain (graduated in 2016). Then, I studied a Master in Health Care and Research, finished in 2017. I have been actively involved with OSEurope as member of the Social Media Committee of Occupational Science Europe (OSE) since April 2017, whose chair was Natalia Rivas-Quarneti. Specifically, I have participated in managing the OSE Social Media Strategic Plan 2017-2020. Besides, I participated in the last two conferences, where I could explore the potential of occupational science in Europe from multi-cultural perspectives and specifically the network of social transformation through occupation (pre-conference). I would like to continue my work in order to support the growth and development of OSE as well as to continue my reflective and learning process about occupational science.


We hope to see you involved in OSE! We would be honoured to have your commitment, motivation and expertise within the network (committees, activities, or any other idea you might have).

Susanne Assander (Nominated by: Chris Kemperman)

I´m a driven, innovative and engaged person who enjoys to network with all kinds of people. I have a great interest in Occupational Science and would like to be a part of this board and contribute to further develop and implement Occupational Science in Europe.

With experiences of international work and projects, I see this as a new possibility to conduct more work that is international and further extend my network. I want to influence and provide ideas on how the organization could move forward in a sustainable way to reach a multidisciplinary group, to disseminate existing knowledge, create new knowledge and further develop the network.

Via an extended network we can discuss and exchange ideas/innovations/creations or support each other in common issues/problems/hinders. I also have good skills in project management, communication, language (Swe, Eng, Ger), innovations and social interaction. I love to be creative and having fun when working. To this board, and community, I can contribute with my energy and time, as well as my drive to want to expand OS to other fields and countries in Europe.

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