Call for Contributions: Occupational Science Europe Resource List

Call for Contributions

Occupational Science Europe Resource List


Occupational science as a young discipline is a dynamic field that seeks to contribute to and benefit from its diverse developments in different countries as well as other disciplines. Occupational Science Europe aims to build a European identity around occupational science – supporting the development of European scholarship.

One tool to facilitate these aims is the establishment and ongoing update of a resource list, identifying European based scholarship in theory and concepts of occupation, or in related theory. We believe this can be a valuable platform for occupational scientists and others. This platform is intended to be double tracked: Everyone can contribute to it and benefit from it.

This is a first and ongoing call for all to submit relevant literature and enrich this body of resources with your contributions. We therefore invite you to send us details of relevant literature. This includes:

  • Literature that includes reference to occupational science theory or concepts, either developed in Europe or explored from a European perspective.
  • Literature that is not directly referring to occupational science theory or concepts but discusses related concepts from a European perspective.

The literature should be published, and may be a research article, opinion piece, book chapter, conference proceeding etc. The list will not be exclusive for any specific language, literature from different countries with different languages is welcome. We suggest that all references are accompanied by a brief description or an abstract in English.

Members of Occupational Science Europe will add the submissions to a list that will be published and accessible on our website. We intend to update the list every few months as we receive further contributions.

In the first instance to set up the initial list, we ask for submissions to be sent us by the 31st of March 2018. Following that please send further references as convenient.

Please send your contributions, including full reference details (in APA style if possible) with a short abstract in English to


We look forward to your contributions and thank you in advance!

Occupational Science Europe

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