Journal of Occupational Science – Call for Papers – Special Issue: Occupation for Population Health


Journal of Occupational Science

Call for Papers

Special Issue: Occupation for Population Health

Design of our cities, landscape of our public spaces, options for travel within and between our communities, and use or non-use of our rural lands can determine what people can and cannot do.  As a consequence, they shape the health and well-being of our populations. Ultimately, they influence the health of our planet.

The theme ‘occupation for population health’ provides opportunity to explore some of these factors and consider ways to enhance the positive influences and address those that have a negative impact on current and future populations. Occupation for population health combines an occupational perspective with a population health approach. An occupational perspective acknowledges occupation as a determinant of health. A population health approach aims to improve health and reduce health inequities among population groups by examining various factors that influence health.

This call for papers is for theoretical and research papers that adopt an occupational perspective of the BIG issues related to the health of people, populations and the planet. For example, papers may apply an occupational lens to the problem of rising levels of obesity, to ways to promote active travel and to strategies to reduce our carbon footprint.

Contributions from various disciplines that address people and places, including occupational science, public health, social geography, landscape architecture and urban planning are invited.

Guest editors of this special issue will be Dr Alison Wicks and Professor Tony Capon from the Discipline of Public Health, University of Canberra, Australia.

Please send queries specific to the special issue to Alison Wicks via email

To submit a manuscript, go to

Guidelines for authors can be found at via the “authors and submissions” link on the left hand ribbon.

Key dates:

Submission deadline – 1st June 2013
Revised manuscripts due – 1st October 2013
Target publication date – 1st April 2014

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