Wiki – What should it start with?

You may have noticed that one of the tabs at the top of the page is called OSE Wiki.

One of the aims of the network was to develop a freely available resource on Occupational Science. One way to do this is to develop a Wikispaces area that we can collaboratively use to define, develop and expand knowledge.

So we’re after your help with identifying key occupational science theories, concepts and terms to create the initial wiki structure – so what would your essentials be?

To help us pin them all down please leave your comments below.

Image by boroda003 on stock.xchng

Additionally if you are interested in supporting development of the wiki please sign up for a wikispaces account and once the initial set up and structure has been organised we’d love your help to populate it.

What do people think about having space on the wiki for people to share updates on their own research too?





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