Occupational Science Researchers Networking Day 7th July 2012


Professor Susan Corr at the University of Northampton runs a group on LinkedIn for Occupational Science Researchers (Occupational Science Researchers Doc+).

Description taken from the group page. (Please ensure your LinkedIn Profile gives sufficient clues as to why you may be interested in joining this closed group or mention why in your request to join message).

This group is mainly for supporting doctoral students, post docs and supervisors in relation to the growth of occupational science knowledge.

The purpose of this group is to facilitate exchange and support to doctoral level students, post-docs and their supervisors in relation to the growth of occupational science knowledge. It started as an action from the Owning Occupation conference in Plymouth, UK in 2011 with local membership but this has now been expanded and is open to researchers across the globe.

The focus of the doctoral studies may not be purely on occupational science but may be, for example, involving some delving into this literature.

It is anticipated that the group will be used:
• to share information about research being conducted;
• to facilitate the opportunity for discussion and debate about articles and other resources that may be of interest to the group membership;
• to inform about relevant events.

The group’s focus will not be on providing support with the process of conducting doctoral level studies as this support is provided by universities and bodies such as the College of Occupational Therapists.

The University of Northampton are hosting a networking day on Saturday 7th July so some of us can get together in person, and hear more about each other’s research!

Please see the attached flyer and Booking form for further information.

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