Welcome to Occupational Science Europe

Welcome to the launch of Occupational Science Europe

Dear Colleague

Following on from the ‘Owning Occupation’ conference last year in Plymouth University, a small working group have been meeting by skype to develop a resource that can further support the enthusiasm for Occupational Science shown at that conference event. From this a new forum is emerging called ‘Occupational Science Europe’.

A launch meeting for ‘Occupational Science Europe’ will be held on the 25th May at the Council of Occupational Therapists for the European Countries (COTEC) conference in Stockholm, Sweden. The aim of this meeting is to involve an even wider group of European colleagues in discussion, debate & development of Occupational Science.

If you are fortunate enough to be at COTEC please accept this invitation to join the meeting on Friday evening.

This new website will be used to co-ordinate and link interested people to relevant groups, events and on-line resources about occupational science. There will also be information about the development of a formal committee structure to maintain the momentum of this group which will aim to work towards another occupational science conference in the next 2 years.

If you would like to be added to the e-mail distribution list please let us know using the contact sheet which can be found here. Alternatively, please follow this blog, like us on facebook or follow us on Twitter.

The invitation flyer for the COTEC meeting is attached for your interest.

News of a further occupational science meeting at the 2012 UK COT conference in Glasgow will also follow shortly!

Warm regards

Anne Roberts & Lyn Wescott

Aims of the Occupational Science Europe Network

The aim of this group is to support the development of occupational science throughout Europe. We aim to generate further understanding about humans as occupational beings and to explore the relationship between occupation and health. It will be a multidisciplinary group and we will actively encourage the involvement of many disciplines (such as anthropology, human geography and sociology), in order to understand occupation from its many perspectives. We also seek further understanding of the therapeutic potential of occupation, to underpin occupational therapy practice.  We aim to provide a freely available on-line resource for sharing news, information, links to other sites and discussion. We also aim to hold an occupational science conference every two years, responsibility and venue to be shared.

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